Are You a Prisoner in Your Own Life?


In preparation for Preethaji & Krishnaji’s new book The Four Sacred Secrets, we were tasked with creating 12 videos to increase their brand awareness and to increase book sales and website conversions. We read the book & extracted 12  teachings we felt most resonant, we co-created final video curricula with the client to ensure messaging was authentic & sufficient. We then went into pre-production and coordinated a two-day shoot with the clients (who flew in from India). We captured their coverage and then began concepting b roll sequences to supplement each video. The first video had over 1 million views and resulted in new followers and book presales. The subsequent 11 videos performed between 150K to 1.5 million, with a range of 1K and 6K new followers resulting from each new video released. The Four Sacred Secrets found itself on several top bestsellers lists, with strong feedback from Tony Robbins, Arianna Huffington, Usher, among others.